Safe, Reliable Anesthesia

Our first product – the Universal Anaesthesia Machine® (UAM) – is a CE-certified device designed to function without electricity or compressed oxygen.


Fully automatic, electrically-driven ventilator with 6-hour rechargeable battery backup; no oxygen needed

Oxygen Monitor

Touch-screen oxygen monitor that displays inspired oxygen content and lasts up to 10 hours on battery backup

Low-Resistance Vaporizer

Low-resistance vaporizer that accurately delivers a calibrated flow of halothane, isoflurane or sevoflurane with or without compressed gas


Manual bellows that ensures safe, assisted respiration for adults and children without requiring a high-pressure gas source; provides backup means of IPPV to the ventilator

Integrated Oxygen Concentrator

Built-in oxygen concentrator that produces up to 10 liters per minute of up to 95% oxygen; room air cleaned with a dual filtration system

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UAM Specifications

View and print the UAM specifications document.

Product Specifications

• Integrated oxygen concentrator produces 10 liters per minute
• Concentrator delivers up to 95% O2 depending on environment
• Accepts all standard pediatric and adult breathing systems
• Seamless transition to room air when compressed oxygen is unavailable
• Accurate, low resistance vaporizers work with and without compressed gas
• Built-in oxygen monitor displays O2 concentration of inspired gas
• Automatic shut-off of nitrous oxide if hypoxic mixture is detected
• Official CE mark awarded by independent certifying agency

Physical and Electrical

• Compact, rugged design
• UAM Dimensions: 146cm x 53cm x 69cm; 130kg
• Ventilator Dimensions: 44cm x 28cm x 30cm; 18kg
• Aluminum frame with four heavy duty casters – front two lockable
* Mains power supply: 220V, 50-60Hz
* Removable stainless steel instrument tray
* Supplies Drawer

Oxygen Supply and Monitoring

• Integrated oxygen concentrator with dual filters
• O2 flow rate: 0.1 to 10 LPM
• Maximum O2 concentration: 95% depending upon environment
• Integrated inspiratory oxygen monitoring system
• O2 monitor has 10-hour battery backup, trickle charge from mains
• Connections for cylinder, pipeline, and portable oxygen sources
• Glass flow rotameters accurate to +/- 2.5%
• Adjustable minimum and maximum O2 alarms


• Separate units for isoflurane, halothane and sevoflurane
• 120ml capacity

Vital Signs Monitor

• Pulse oximetry, ECG, blood pressure, and temperature
• Six-hour battery backup if mains power fails

Optional Nitrous Oxide

• Differentiated flow control knob
• Automatic shut off if O2 falls below 25%

Rear Panel Connections

• Mains isolator switch, 2 UK style power sockets
• Oxygen and nitrous cylinder and pipeline connections
• Multi-diameter external oxygen hose connector


• Electrically-driven – needs no compressed oxygen or air to operate
• Six-hour battery backup if mains power fails
• Large color touch screen
• Volume and pressure control modes
• Tidal Volume: 50 to 1000 ml
• Minute Volume: 1 to 10 liters per minute
• Pressure control: 10 to 30cmH2O
• I:E ratio: 1:1 to 1:3
• Rate: 5-30 breaths per minute
• Displays: Flow and pressure versus time and compliance loops
• Alarms: Volume, Pressure, Breathing Circuit Disconnect
• Manual backup bellows always available on UAM
• Accepts fixed and variable PEEP valves
• Supplies drawer and removable stainless steel instrument tray

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