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Gradian’s Training Programs

At Gradian, we believe that providing patients high-quality care means providing healthcare workers with high-quality training. Our medical training is one of the core ways we are making a large-scale impact on global health in the countries where we work. Our training programs empower healthcare professionals to operate our equipment with expertise and assurance as well as provide additional continuing medical education, hands-on practice and refresher skills courses. All Gradian equipment comes with our training that continues through the lifetime of the device. Our training is accredited and counts as officially-recognized Continued Medical Education credits (CME credits) in many countries.

Product Training and Continuing Medical Education Training

Gradian’s training is designed using rapid-cycle, deliberate practice; a simulation-based instructional strategy pioneered by Johns Hopkins University. The courses are modular allowing the training to be customized to specific clinical scenarios like those encountered during emergencies. We established simulation lab training centers in strategic locations, enabling healthcare professionals from various facilities to participate in comprehensive training , as well as mobile simulation stations allowing medical professionals to practice techniques in their own setting. To build our simulation labs, we partnered with universities in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania. We’ve also brought critical care training to hospital teams through partnerships with professional medical societies and associations.

Our training encompasses realistic clinical scenarios, immersive exposure to bustling operating theaters, and instruction from renowned physicians.They help healthcare providers and medical students strengthen clinical and non-clinical skills by practicing real-life patient scenarios under the supervision of instructors and physicians. With both our centralized simulation labs and our mobile simulation kits, we’ve worked with a network of in-country clinical trainers to offer accredited continuing medical education for obstetric and pediatric anesthesia, neonatal resuscitation, intubation skills, ventilation training, and critical care. Our simulation labs also allow the healthcare provider teams to practice non-clinical skills like decision making, teamwork, and communication in real world simulations.

Biomedical Technician Training 

In addition to training healthcare providers, we also provide biomedical technician training on how to maintain and repair our equipment. Biomedical technicians play a pivotal role in ensuring high-quality healthcare delivery – they keep Gradian’s medical devices running smoothly and help increase their longevity through routine maintenance.

At the center of everything we do are the people that we support and work with – our customers, healthcare providers who use our equipment, medical professionals who help us develop our training, biomedical technician teams who keep our machines running, and health system administrators.  By investing in the development of healthcare professionals through our training programs, Gradian is making a significant impact on global health.

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