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Customer Service

The Problem

A staggering 50% of medical equipment in low-resource countries lies idle due to a lack of maintenance and support, resulting in graveyards of medical devices, health providers without life-saving clinical resources, and millions of patients not getting high-quality care. These machines are not being utilized because medical equipment is sent to low-resourced medical facilities without consideration for spare parts and tools, local technicians trained to service the equipment, user manuals and technical materials, appropriate features for the location, and customer support. Gradian addressed these challenges by designing medical equipment with the local user and unique locations in mind, training local biomedical technicians to repair the devices, making the machines easy to repair, and training healthcare providers how to use the equipment.

Our Solution

We offer a three-year service warranty carried out by local, certified technicians, which covers annual maintenance, on-demand medical machine repairs, spare parts, and 24/7 remote support. Gradian is committed to providing comprehensive training and support, ensuring you and your team are fully equipped to operate your new machine. We are always just a call or message away if you have any questions.

How We Do It

Biomedical engineers and technicians are some of the unsung heroes of hospital operations. Their expertise is crucial in maintaining the functionality of medical equipment, the backbone of healthcare delivery. They fill a critically important role – to keep the medical equipment functioning. Without their skill and expertise to maintain and repair the medical equipment used daily, healthcare professionals would not be able to provide patients with the very best care. We give biomedical technicians effective training to repair our machines and also train local facility staff on how to maintain the equipment. Our network of regional service hubs, staffed by certified Gradian technicians, ensures comprehensive annual maintenance, prompt medical equipment repairs, and ongoing customer support across all countries we operate in. Gradian also established spare parts depots, which serve as hubs for rapidly deploying parts.