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Designed for safe, effective use in a variety of healthcare settings, Gradian’s products include anesthesia machines, ventilators, critical care medical equipment and oxygen generators. Our medical equipment is certified to meet international quality standards and engineered to help healthcare professionals provide the very best care to patients – whether in traditional hospital settings, situations requiring complex care, or low-resourced medical facilities with unstable electricity and oxygen shortages. Our products are both designed to work in the absence of electricity and medical oxygen. Gradian’s medical devices are reliable, versatile, durable, and user-friendly making them a vital tool for healthcare professionals.

Gradian’s innovative medical equipment is supporting healthcare providers around the world to give their patients high-quality care. Our medical devices are making a difference one patient at a time – helping medical staff continue lifesaving critical care for patients in Nigeria, strengthening Tanzania’s Muhimbili National Hospital’s capacity to provide intensive care through our ventilator machines, supporting Kenya’s largest public teaching hospital with medical equipment and training and providing critical care through our medical devices in remote clinics in Cambodia so patients can receive important care close to home.

Each of our devices is supported by our robust after-sales customer service, biomedical engineer repair teams and high-quality clinical training to keep the equipment functioning smoothly and saving lives for many years.

UAM: Universal Anesthesia Machine

The Universal Anesthesia Machine is a portable  anesthesia machine designed to work in the absence of electricity and medical oxygen. It was engineered for the toughest environments, allowing medical professionals to care for patients in the most challenging and resource-limited settings. UAM gives the ability to monitor patients during sedation and spinal anesthesia, even when the need for general anesthesia is not indicated. The device improves access to oxygen therapy to patients and reduces cost of buying and transporting oxygen cylinders. The UAM includes dual low-resistance vaporizers, an integrated oxygen concentrator, an oxygen monitoring system, an anesthesia ventilator, a patient vital signs monitor and universal bellows.

K-O2: Oxygen Generator

The K-O2 Oxygen Generator is an independent oxygen generator that delivers uninterrupted oxygen therapy for up to 10 patients at once. It was designed to help medical facilities with a lack of access to oxygen and reliable electricity. The K-O2 offers the convenience and efficiency of a pipeline distribution system with the ease of use of a medical oxygen concentrator. Built to work in high patient volume settings and challenging environments, the K-O2 is designed with protection against environmental damage from high heat, humidity, elevation, dust, and unstable power – which often cause damage and failure in traditional oxygen concentrators.

ICV: Intensive Care Ventilator

The Intensive Care Ventilator is an all-in-one versatile ventilator for intensive and critical care, as well as transport and intermediate care. The portable ICV is designed to deliver care to infant, pediatric, and adult patients in any setting. With extensive modes and monitoring parameters, in-built turbine, battery backup, Smart CPR mode, and compact form, this intensive care ventilator is easy to use in any location within a hospital, or for transport within or outside the facility. Designed and built by Amoul, Gradian partnered with the company to distribute the ICV to hospitals and facilities who need this type of ventilator.

PRIMA: Anesthesia Machine

The PRIMA anesthesia machine is a high specification anesthesia machine designed for today’s busy operating room. A traditional-style anesthesia machine, the equipment provides broad patient support, enhanced monitoring and robust gas management. Made by Penlon, Gradian distributes the PRIMA to medical facilities in the countries where we operate.