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About Us

Gradian Health Systems builds innovative medical equipment for anesthesia, critical care, and oxygen therapy designed to deliver high-quality healthcare in a wide range of settings, from the most challenging resource-limited locations to the most advanced medical centers.

Who We Are

As an international medical equipment company, we have offices in New York, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, and Jaipur; as well as partners in over 35 countries and regional distribution partners around the world. Gradian enables healthcare teams to provide high-quality, safe care to more than 2.2 million patients across Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Working closely with in-country medical professionals and partners, Gradian builds medical technology, distribution networks, training and customer support that works with the unique situations and challenges in each country where we operate. We offer world-class accredited training that help medical providers learn how to effectively use our machines, and provide continuing education in many specialty fields.

As we designed and built our first anesthesia machine, we realized that medical equipment is only as good as the support networks around it. And if those support networks are not strong, efficient and effective then machines can go under-used because they are broken, or the healthcare providers don’t have the necessary training to operate them. This realization led us to establish comprehensive distribution, training, and support networks in each country we operate. We built an accredited medical training and continuing education program that can qualify for officially-recognized Continued Medical Education (CME) credits in many countries. Our training programs help healthcare providers strengthen clinical and non-clinical skills by practicing real-life patient scenarios under the supervision of instructors and physicians. We also built key distribution partners to ensure that no matter how remote or limited the infrastructure, we could install our medical devices in any clinic. And just as importantly, we train biomedical technicians throughout the countries where we work, so that our medical equipment can be maintained and quickly repaired to keep the machines running and healthcare providers having the tools they need to save lives.

What Sets Gradian Apart:

  • Medical Technology: Emphasizing user-centric design, our products are engineered to overcome obstacles to quality care. Our products adhere to rigorous international standards, while incorporating innovative features that enable safe and effective use in resource-limited environments, including those with limited access to electricity and oxygen therapy.
  • Clinical Training: Our comprehensive training programs, delivered by experienced clinicians and technicians, ensure that all users receive in-depth instruction on our products, both in-person and online. We collaborate with local medical institutions to provide broader medical training courses that complement our product-specific training, fostering a holistic approach to healthcare education.We provide on-site or centralized product training for every new user, including simulation-based scenarios to refresh clinical skills around our equipment. Through our simulation labs, as well as mobile simulation kits, we offer product training which includes hands-on refresher training for many specialist medical fields including obstetric and pediatric anesthesia, neonatal resuscitation, intubation skills, ventilation training, and critical care.
  • Customer Support: Our extensive network of regional service hubs, staffed by certified Gradian biomedical technicians, provides annual maintenance, repairs, and ongoing customer support across all countries we operate in. Gradian’s comprehensive three-year service warranty, delivered by local, certified technicians, encompasses annual maintenance, on-demand repairs, spare parts, and 24/7 remote support, ensuring optimal product performance and minimizing downtime.