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UAM Selected to Join Million Lives Club for Directly Serving More than 1 Million Patients

Dec 10, 2020

Gradian Health Systems is pleased to announce the Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) has been selected as an official member of the Million Lives Club, an initiative that celebrates innovators and social entrepreneurs “who are reaching new horizons of impact and improving the lives of those living on less than $5 a day.”

The UAM is the world’s first internationally-certified anaesthesia machine that can generate its own medical oxygen and work without electricity, and in doing so support health care providers in some of the most infrastructure unstable environments deliver reliable and safe anesthesia. The most common surgical procedure supported by the UAM is C-sections, particularly at rural health facilities, many of which have been upgraded to provide emergency obstetric care.

The UAM joins the Million Lives Club at the Vanguard level, which celebrates those who have directly impacted more than 1 million clients with their innovations. The other two cohorts the club recognizes are Voyager—for innovations that are expected to affect more than 1 million clients within the next 18 months—and Pioneer—for innovations that have scaled to meet the needs of more than 40 percent of their target populations.

We are incredibly thankful to be part of this cohort and community and would like to congratulate the more than 100 Million Lives Club members, including the more than 55 new innovators who joined this year through this video message:


Since its launch, the UAM has been used by healthcare providers in the care of patients across more than 30 countries, such as Malawi, Nepal, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, and Uganda.

The Million Lives Club recognizes the importance of a customer-centric focus in global development and nurturing innovation ecosystems and believes that collectively highlighting social innovators that have reached transformative numbers of clients will act as a powerful platform to encourage the uptake and scaling of innovations for good, everywhere.

The Million Lives Club is an initiative inspired by members of the International Development Innovation Alliance (IDIA) and supported by a growing partnership of leading development organizations, such as Grand Challenges Canada, USAID, the UK Department for International Development, the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Global Innovation Fund, UNICEF, UNDP, GIZ, Dalberg, and Results for Development.

Gradian Health is a nonprofit medical technology organization that works to transform the impact of medical equipment in resource-constrained hospitals around the world by developing, distributing, and sustaining high-quality anesthesia and critical care medical devices and providing local, hands-on training and customer support to minimize downtime and maximize impact.

Learn more by visiting our profile on the Million Lives Club website.