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A Message From Lina Sayed, CEO, Gradian Health Systems

Apr 15, 2020

Dear all,

Having been recently named the CEO of Gradian Health Systems, I would typically use this opportunity to introduce myself and my new role but these are atypical times.

Gradian has grown from a singular idea around building a better anesthesia machine for low-resource settings to an operating model that recognizes a product is only as strong as the support networks built around it. Today, technical services and clinical training are as core to our identity as the multiple products we offer. This mission is driven by Gradian’s global team—with offices in New York City, Nairobi, and Dar es Salaam—which supports work across 31 countries in Africa and Asia. We remain committed to this existing customer base and to applying our expertise to where we know we can have the most impact.

Gradian places our customers and end users—healthcare providers, biomedical engineers, and health system administrators—at the center of everything we do.

This is more critical now than ever.

We have already started working with several health systems in low-resource settings to build upon existing capacity to install Gradian CCVs for COVID-19 preparedness and lead remote trainings so healthcare providers are ready to use Gradian devices to their fullest capacity in the treatment of patients. While our equipment supply, unfortunately, cannot serve all of the significant demand posed by the pandemic, we are employing new and creative solutions to support the fight against COVID-19 through training and advocacy as well.

Above all, we are committed to prompt and transparent communication with you as we navigate any challenges in this new landscape. We urge you to continue to reach out to us for any way we can be of assistance as we move past this global crisis together.

We are here, and you will get our all.

Lina Sayed
Chief Executive Officer
Gradian Health Systems