Gradian's work falls into three primary areas:

  • Technology: Our products are certified to meet international standards of quality while featuring key design elements that enable safe and effective use in the world’s most challenging clinical settings.
  • Training: We provide on-site or centralized product training for every new user, including simulation-based scenarios to refresh clinical skills around our equipment.
  • Customer Service: We offer a three-year service warranty carried out by local, certified technicians, which covers annual maintenance, on-demand repairs, spare parts, and 24/7 remote support.

No one pillar of our operations can exist without the others. Sustaining them hinges on a mix of product sales and grants: in order to keep our technology affordable for our customers and effective for our users, we re-invest all revenue in high-quality production, clinical training infrastructure, and local technical support covering all of our markets.

Customer Service

Our products are designed to be long-lasting, but like all medical devices, they require maintenance and occasional service. Gradian guarantees timely after-sales support from local technicians certified on our technology and equipped with the tools and spare parts for reliable customer service.

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Training and development


User training is crucial whenever a new technology is introduced at a health facility. Gradian's commitment to our customers includes product training tailored to common user profiles to ensure that anyone operating our equipment can do so safely and confidently.

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