The Gradian Model

Whether you live in New York or Nairobi, London or Lagos, medical equipment should be designed appropriately, serviced locally, and used effectively. To ensure that happens, we’ve established in-country distribution networks to support our products wherever we work. Our approach is guided by a philosophy that healthcare is often only as good as the providers and equipment needed to deliver it, so we've built a business model around four interconnected offerings:
1) Technology
2) Distribution
3) Product Training
4) Customer Service


We design products for some of the most challenging surgical settings in the world. Low-resource hospitals face frequent blackouts, oxygen shortages, and equipment failures that can limit their ability to perform surgery. Our technology helps them provide quality care under any and all circumstances.

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Every market is different, so it’s important to rely on in-country distribution companies who know how to navigate them efficiently and ethically. We partner with local distributors experienced in importing, delivering, and installing capital equipment in a wide range of countries.

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When it comes to surgical and anesthesia equipment, product training is crucial. Gradian's commitment to our customers includes on-site training to ensure that each hospital is confident operating our equipment. At every installation, we arrange for clinical and technical experts to train the hospital staff on the use and maintenance of our products.

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Customer Service

Our products are built to be rugged and long-lasting, but like all medical devices, they require maintenance and occasional service. Gradian trains local biomedical equipment technicians to maintain and repair our products, and stocks key replacement parts locally to ensure that the equipment is ready for any surgical case. We also provide support through regional service professionals, open-source product resources, and 24/7 access to remote staff.

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