The Gradian Model

Whether you live in New York or Nairobi, London or Lagos, medical equipment should be designed appropriately, serviced locally, and operated by trained users. To ensure that happens, we’ve established in-country networks to distribute and support our products wherever we work. Our approach is rooted in the belief that healthcare is only as good as the human and physical resources needed to deliver it. So we’ve built a model centered around technology, distribution, training, and customer service.


Our products are built to withstand some of the most challenging clinical settings in the world. With durable construction and straightforward features, our technology can be operated by health providers in all environments – particularly those where elements like heat, humidity, and dust often wear down conventional equipment.

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Every country is different, so it’s important to rely on in-country distributors who know how to navigate them efficiently and ethically. Our distribution network of local companies and entrepreneurs is experienced in delivering, installing, and supporting medical equipment in a wide range of markets.

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Product training is crucial whenever a new technology is introduced at a health facility. Gradian's commitment to our customers includes user-centered training to ensure that anyone operating our equipment can do so safely and confidently.

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Customer Service

Our products are designed to be long-lasting, but like all medical devices, they require maintenance and occasional service. Gradian guarantees timely after-sales support from local technicians certified on our technology and equipped with the tools and spare parts for reliable customer service.

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