Reliable, High-Quality Medical Devices

Our products’ durability and user-friendly features combine to empower health providers to operate with confidence in all circumstances –whether that be in care settings where oxygen shortages and power shortages are common or when environment’s not an issue but care complexity is. Just as important as the design of Gradian’s devices, each is supported by our robust after-sales customer service and high-quality clinical training to create conditions that keep them effective for years on end.

Anaesthesia Machine Parts

Gradian UAM

The Gradian UAM is a CE-certified anesthesia machine designed to work without electricity and medical oxygen. With a built-in oxygen concentrator, standard connections for other oxygen sources, and key features on battery backup, the UAM uses a combination of continuous-flow and draw-over technologies to deliver general anesthesia safely in any setting.

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Ventilator for Sale

Gradian CCV

The Gradian CCV is a CE-certified and FDA approved mechanical ventilator designed for use in a wide variety of settings, including those with unreliable access to oxygen and/or electricity. It is built to ventilate critically ill patients wherever they are present, with up to 21 hours of battery backup and portability features to enable ease of use throughout the continuum of critical care.

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