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Ventilator Parts

Product Note: COVID-19

Apr 28, 2020

Ventilator Parts

We recognize the enormous pressure the COVID-19 pandemic places on health systems and healthcare providers as they work to provide the best care.

Both the Gradian CCV (Comprehensive Care Ventilator) and Gradian UAM (Universal Anaesthesia Machine) offer features pertinent to COVID-19 (and critical care) patient management, particularly in three key areas: 1) mechanical ventilation, 2) oxygen therapy, and 3) patient monitoring.

In this product note, Gradian Health Systems shares key information and important considerations for use of the CCV and UAM features in COVID-19 response.

Download the product note here.

We welcome any inquiries and feedback regarding this product note and can be reached by email at COVID19response @ or phone/WhatsApp at +254-794-764-416.