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Gradian Health Systems and IOXBETA Announce Partnership to Strengthen New Product Development Capabilities

Sep 10, 2022

New York, NY, September 10, 2022 | Gradian Health Systems and IOXBETA are proud to announce a strategic partnership that aims to strengthen Gradian’s new product development capabilities. 

Over the last year, Gradian and IOXBETA – a studio focused on connected healthcare – have been working together in an effort to ramp up Gradian’s clinician-driven innovation process. Alongside one of Gradian’s newest manufacturing partners, Canon Virginia Inc. (CVI), IOXBETA has been instrumental in the redesign of Gradian’s flagship product, the UAM, as well as the development of Gradian’s newest product, the K-O2

Originally developed in 2011, the UAM was Gradian’s first product – an anesthesia machine designed to work in the absence of electricity and medical oxygen. The redesigned UAM incorporates new features, based on customer feedback and rigorous product testing, to now include more advanced ventilation modes and monitoring. 

The partnership has also made way for the development of Gradian’s newest product, the K-O2. The K-O2 is designed to improve oxygen access across a variety of healthcare facilities – an urgent need that has been exasperated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

IOXBETA and Gradian are thrilled to combine IOXBETA’s strengths in research & development alongside Gradian’s commitment to working alongside healthcare providers to design and introduce human-centered solutions that address gaps in markets around the world. 

Gradian and IOXBETA will be showcasing these two products and more at this week’s All Africa Anesthesia Congress from September 7–10, 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda. 


About Gradian Health Systems

Gradian Health Systems is a nonprofit medical technology company that works in partnership with healthcare providers to design and introduce user-centric solutions that address gaps in technology solutions, training, and customer service. With innovations in anesthesia, critical care, and oxygen therapy, Gradian has enabled healthcare teams to provide high-quality, safe care to more than 2.2 million patients across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Working in partnership with health facilities, national governments, global NGOs, and medical technology partners, Gradian is also revolutionizing the way that life-changing innovations are introduced by ensuring that healthcare providers are fully equipped to use their products with a hands-on training and reliable customer support model. Learn more at:


IOXBETA is an award-winning studio with a penchant for developing medical devices. Their repeated success in engineering, product development, and scaling manufacturing demonstrates their ability to solve global problems.

IOXBETA employs an agile hardware approach, leveraging 20 years of innovation and manufacturing networks, and is perfectly suited to support the development of new innovative healthcare products.

The IOX team played an instrumental role in leading the development of the Spiro Wave ventilator for New York City in March 2020, and supported the ventilator projects for Vecna and MIT. They followed these efforts by supporting projects in testing, personal protective equipment, and drug delivery for COVID-19 applications during the pandemic. 

Gradian Media Contact:

Mariam Khan, Senior Communications Manager


Phone: +1- 917-445-1774

IOXBETA Media Contact: 

Sarah Winter, Office Administrator


Phone: +1-716-870-8220