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Our Reach

Gradian Health Systems operates in over 35 countries, supporting 5,000 medical professionals with machines in more than 1500 health facilities across Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Our globalĀ  health network of local medical equipment distributors ensures seamless product availability and ongoing customer support across all markets we serve. While Gradian has a global reach, supporting healthcare providers around the world, we focus on the specific local needs of the medical professionals and healthcare facilities that use our machines and our training. We work closely with local medical professionals, partners, governments, medical associations, in-country logistics teams, biomedical technicians and our local medical equipment suppliers to understand the challenges faced at the local level and how to address the specific needs. Gradian builds local teams in each country where we work, allowing us to be part of the fabric of the medical ecosystem.

To help our customers access medical training, our training offerings encompass both centralized in-person facilities and mobile training options that allow medical professionals to receive world-class accredited training conveniently at their local clinics. This allows us to reach as many healthcare providers as we can and help professionals in remote regions receive our high-quality training.

Gradian's work bringing medical products to in Tanzania

And to support our customers, whether they are in cities or remote locations, we have established a comprehensive network of Gradian-trained local biomedical technicians, strategically positioned service hubs, and readily accessible spare parts depots across all regions we operate in. This ensures our customers get the prompt support they need, our machines continue to work and are repaired quickly, and healthcare providers can continue to give their patients the very best medical care.

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    Conducting an in-person training session in Uganda

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    Unloading Gradian supplies in at Petan Hospital in Nepal

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