A Different Approach to Medical Technology

Designing reliable medical equipment that’s appropriate for low-resource settings is only part of the challenge. We’ve built local networks across nearly two dozen countries to install and maintain our devices while training hospital staff to operate the technology safely.

How We Work

Safe, Reliable Anesthesia

Our first product – the Universal Anaesthesia Machine® (UAM) – is a CE-certified device designed to function without electricity or compressed oxygen.


Fully automatic, electrically-driven ventilator with 6-hour rechargeable battery backup; no oxygen needed

Oxygen Monitor

Touch-screen oxygen monitor that displays inspired oxygen content and lasts up to 10 hours on battery backup

Low-Resistance Vaporizer

Low-resistance vaporizer that accurately delivers a calibrated flow of halothane, isoflurane or sevoflurane with or without compressed gas


Manual bellows that ensures safe, assisted respiration for adults and children without requiring a high-pressure gas source; provides backup means of IPPV to the ventilator

Integrated Oxygen Concentrator

Built-in oxygen concentrator that produces up to 10 liters per minute of up to 95% oxygen; room air cleaned with a dual filtration system

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