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Ibrahim Bakari

Ibrahim manages Gradian’s broad portfolio of activities in Tanzania, including customer service, training, and monitoring and evaluation. As Gradian’s lead in-country staff member, he works closely to cultivate relationships with Gradian’s key stakeholders.

Ibrahim brings nearly a decade of experience working in multi-stakeholder engagement and operations. Before joining Gradian he worked on project development with the UN Global Program office in Tanzania and Geneva, Switzerland. Through his earlier work with the International Development Consultancy, Ibrahim worked with policymakers, community leaders and federal ministries to implement various development programs in Tanzania.

In 2016 Ibrahim was selected to be a member of the “Next Generation of Global Leaders” by Japan’s Cabinet Office (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Ibrahim holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Dodoma and a post-graduate diploma in Management of Foreign Relations and Diplomacy from the Centre for Foreign Relations in Dar es Salaam.