Providing patients high-quality care requires providing healthcare workers with high-quality training.

Our trainings help healthcare providers operate Gradian equipment with confidence and serve as a platform to strengthen existing clinical skills across the anesthesia and critical care spectrum. To date, Gradian’s certified trainers have trained more than 3,000 healthcare providers in more than 30 countries.

Our flagship product training—which comes with every new device installation—and other training offerings are guided by a set of simple but powerful principles:

  • User-centric: Recognizing the varying levels of skills and experience among healthcare providers in low-resource settings, we ensure that our training curriculum is tailored for the various cadres of users who will interact with our equipment.
  • Rapid and deliberate: Gradian’s courses are designed using rapid-cycle, deliberate practice, a simulation-based instructional strategy pioneered by Johns Hopkins University for rapidly building necessary skills. Trainees experience a blend of theoretical lectures and instructor-guided simulation scenarios to orient users on our devices while refreshing core clinical skills and improving healthcare team performance.
  • Modular: Courses are modular and can be customized to specific clinical scenarios like those encountered during obstetric emergencies.
  • Accessible: Our trainings can take place on-site, in a centralized location to accommodate trainees from multiple facilities, and online. We’ve even developed mobile simulation stations so users can practice techniques in their own setting.
  • Locally contextualized: Our product trainings are designed and led by teams of certified clinical trainers based in the region and deeply experienced in the specialties of anesthesia and critical care medicine in their healthcare settings. This network of trainers forms a rich community of practice of physicians and nurse anesthetists that bring value through their knowledge, insights, and interactions within their health systems.
  • Sustainable: Gradian’s investment in the healthcare workforce in our markets is aimed at building sustainable training infrastructure. Recognizing the high-quality nature of Gradian training, several national anesthesia and critical care professional societies have accredited Gradian training courses as officially-recognized Continued Medical Education (CME) credits. In addition, Gradian has partnered with universities in Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda to build simulation-labs that have grown to host trainings on care issues beyond anesthesia and critical care, such as the COVID-19 pandemic response.

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