Whenever we install a machine, we provide a complimentary, on-site product training for the hospital’s clinical and technical staff.


Our product trainings are led by Gradian’s cadre of anesthesiologists and biomedical engineers based in the region who are experienced in using, maintaining, and training users to operate the UAM. Each training features two days of sessions: the first day is didactic in nature, with interactive presentations and simulations in a classroom setting to orient the staff on the machine, including a thorough demonstration on preventive maintenance. The second day takes place in the operating room, where our trainers administer proctored cases to allow the hospital’s clinicians and technicians to become familiar with the UAM in situ. Recognizing the varying levels of skills and experience among both anesthesia providers and technicians, we work closely with each hospital to tailor our training curriculum to fit its needs and those of its staff.

To view or download our training materials, click here.

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