Our business model ensures that our equipment remains reliable and cost-effective throughout its lifespan.

We know that much of the medical equipment in the developing world is nonfunctional – often for want of a small part or routine maintenance. We’ve set out to overcome this unacceptable status quo. Our commitment to local support is central to our business, but it’s also imperative for hospitals to be able to provide quality care at an affordable price. DSCF2099By investing in a technical service infrastructure in each country, we are able to respond to repair requests with little downtime, save customers the often catastrophic costs of replacing broken equipment, and safeguard the sustained use of our machines for years to come.

Each UAM comes with a two-year service warranty that guarantees local support whenever it’s needed. Administered by our in-country distributors and technicians, the warranty includes:


To learn more about our service warranty, click here.

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