Up to half of all medical equipment in low- and middle-income countries is broken or out-of-use: some of it old and no longer operable, some donated and built for different infrastructure, some simply missing a part that isn’t available locally. The result is a shortage of viable medical technology that leaves doctors and nurses operating without the equipment they need and patients failing to survive preventable death and disability as a result.

We work every day to redefine this status quo.

Gradian’s operating model ensures that our products remain reliable and cost-effective throughout their lifespan. By investing in technical support infrastructure in each of our markets, we are able to prevent common equipment failures, respond to repair requests with little downtime, save customers the costs of replacing broken equipment, and safeguard the use of our machines for years to come.

For every machine we install, we guarantee a three-year service warranty that ensures local support whenever it’s needed, and can be extended by each facility at an affordable cost. We also provide on-site technical training for hospitals’ biomedical or maintenance staff.

Carried out by our in-country technical teams, our warranty includes:

  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • Access to locally-stored spare parts
  • Timely repairs and troubleshooting
  • 24/7 remote support through email, phone, and WhatsApp

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