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Newsletter: Introducing new products and partnerships at Gradian

Sep 21, 2022

At Gradian, we feel grateful for our deep relationships with healthcare providers and partners who constantly push us to grow and innovate. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce new anesthesia, critical care, and oxygen therapy solutions, based on the feedback and ideas that you’ve shared with us over the years.

The healthcare sector has seen tremendous change. To best support those changing needs, Gradian has scaled up our capabilities through strategic partnerships with other values-aligned innovators. We are proud to now have five products in our portfolio that address the unique needs of our customers.

We’re excited to introduce a redesigned version of the UAM, as well as our newest product, the K-O2, alongside manufacturing partner Canon Virginia Inc. (CVI) and product development partner IOXBETA. We’re also excited to share new advanced ventilation and anesthesia solutions made possible through partnerships with companies like Penlon.

Earlier this month, we showcased these products for the first time at the 8th All Africa Anesthesia Congress (AAAC) in Kigali, Rwanda, and we had invaluable conversations about these products with representatives from over 50 African countries. To continue these important conversations, we invite you to send your feedback and ideas about these products to us directly at

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