On new UAMs, the oxygen sensor and concentrator loss of power alarm battery have been moved to a new location on the back of the machine. This will make the battery more easily accessible, and will help protect the oxygen sensor and its wire. The change affects most UAMs delivered after January 2018, including all UAMs with serial numbers 21712-001 and above.

The oxygen sensor and concentrator loss of power alarm battery are now located behind a protective panel in the top-left corner of the back side of the UAM, as shown in the photo below.


They can be accessed by pivoting the covering panel around the top-right screw (circled in the photo below). The bottom-left screw may be loosened using an Allen key to allow the panel to move, but it should not be removed.

NOTE: When replacing the oxygen sensor or loss of power alarm battery take care not to allow any parts or wires to drop down into the UAM, as they may be very difficult to retrieve.

When a replacement has been completed, the covering panel should be rotated back into place. If it does not stay closed, the bottom-left screw may be tightened very slightly to prevent the panel from moving.

This change in location will not affect the function of the UAM in any way. For instructions on replacing the oxygen sensor, please see Replacing the Oxygen Sensor in the UAM User Guide or UAM Maintenance Manual.

Thank you,
Gradian Service Team

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