You can use the supplied 5 lead-wire ECG cable with only 3 of its lead-wires  or use a generic AAMI type 3 lead-wire cable. This may be helpful if you are trying to economize on electrodes and do not need to monitor any V leads. In order to do this perform the following:

1. Press the Display button to show the main screen if needed.






2. Rotate the navigation knob until the HR area is highlighted by the enclosing white rectangle.






3. Press the knob to bring up the ECG settings screen.

4. Turn knob until the Cable field is selected.







5. Press the knob to highlight the value.

6. Rotate the knob so that the Cable value changes from 5 to 3 to select 3 lead-wires.

7. Press the Display button to go back to the main display.

8. Place the Left (yellow), Right (red) and Foot (green) electrodes as shown in the picture below. The remaining electrodes do not need to be connected to the patient.

NOTEWhen using 3 lead-wires, the monitor will only monitor and display leads I, II & III on the main screen. On the 7 ECG screen it will monitor and display leads I, II, III, aVR, aVL, and aVF. However, the monitor will not display the V lead on either screen.

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