There may be instances when the UAM’s concentrator is not working and there is no pipeline source of oxygen or equivalent oxygen cylinder with the correct fittings available to use with the UAM’s pipeline or E-cylinder high pressure inputs. In these cases, you can connect an external concentrator, or any other source with a flowmeter, to the Emergency Oxygen Inlet that is mounted on the back of the UAM.

CAUTION: Please note that this port is an inlet and not an oxygen source.

CAUTION: The oxygen from sources connected to this inlet do not go through the glass rotameter on the front of the UAM and therefore cannot be controlled or measured by it. Rather, it must be controlled with an external flow meter attached to the cylinder providing the emergency oxygen.

CAUTION: The oxygen flow from these sources should not be set to above 2 liters per minute as it will cause a high pitch whistle which is meant to alert you that the external flow is too high and will deplete quickly. This mode of oxygen sourcing is only meant to be used as a backup for emergency situations and not as the standard method for providing oxygen.

CAUTION: Remember to carefully monitor the oxygen levels using the UAM’s built in oxygen monitor, especially since using this emergency method will significantly reduce the maximum possible oxygen percentage that can be delivered and will depend on the patient’s minute volume. 

Materials required

  • Standard medical oxygen supply tubing
  • Barbed oxygen hose connector, if not already connected to the source outlet
  • Regulated oxygen source with flowmeter -or-
  • Oxygen concentrator

Procedure: Connecting to an oxygen source with a flowmeter:

1. Connect a standard oxygen supply tube to the Emergency Oxygen Inlet pictured below. The barbed connector can accommodate most common tube sizes used with ward-style flowmeters.








2. Connect the other end of the tube to the oxygen flowmeter and set a flow of 1 LPM.

NOTE: Before connecting the tube make sure that the humidifier is removed or that the humidifier container does not contain any water.








Connecting to an oxygen concentrator:

1. Connect a standard oxygen supply tube to the Emergency Oxygen Inlet.

2. Connect the other end of the tube to the oxygen concentrator and set a flow of 1 LPM.

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