UAM Maintenance Procedure Video: Replacing the Fenton Balloon from Gradian Health Systems on Vimeo.

The UAM’s Fenton Balloon is a unique component of the exhaust valve that provides an effective and safe way to control the breath cycles. In the rare case that the Fenton Balloon develops a hole or rip, or distorts in shape, it will not function properly and must be replaced.










These are the necessary items:

  • A new Fenton Balloon
  • A few drops of water

  1. Unscrew the tube assembly unit, which includes the top aluminum ring, the clear plastic housing and the valve assembly attached to the bottom.
  2. Turn using the top ring to make sure that it comes out as one piece.
  3. Make sure that the O-ring on the top does not drop.
  4. With fingers on the neck of the balloon, carefully peel off the balloon from its mounting.
  5. With a small amount of moisture on the neck, slide the new balloon on to its mounting and move it up so that the top ring fits in the groove on the mounting. 

  6. Replace the tube assembly unit, taking care not to catch the balloon in the screw threads. Use a rotating action to make sure the balloon is fully visible inside the tube before locating the screw threads.
  7. Test the balloon by activating the bellows and observing the balloon inflate and deflate.

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