Recently we have received feedback from hospitals about the UAM oxygen concentrator shutting off intermittently.  The great news is that there is a very quick and easy fix!  A voltage stabilizer should be used with EVERY UAM!  

The UAM is designed to operate on a 220 Volt electrical supply and it has a built in automatic voltage switcher (AVS) that disconnects the UAM from electrical power when the supply voltage drops below 180 Volts or rises above 260 Volts. This is intended to protect the concentrator’s compressor and its other electrical components from harmful voltage levels.












If the input voltage is outside of these limits, the AVS will disconnect the UAM from electrical power for at least ten seconds until the voltage returns within acceptable levels.

In order to prevent extreme voltages from activating the AVS and stopping operation of the UAM’s concentrator, it is very important to plug the UAM into an automatic voltage regulator or stabilizer during use.  This is especially important in hospitals where the electrical supply is susceptible to voltage fluctuations.

The regulator should be able to handle at least 2000 Watts (such as the one pictured below) to accommodate the current drawn by the concentrator and the current drawn by any accessory equipment such as a patient monitor that may be plugged in to the UAM’s built in outlets.

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