Gradian is proud to work with professional colleagues in hospitals, governments, nonprofit organizations and local companies in 20 sub-Saharan African countries and the nation of Haiti. Since our founding, we have taken great pride in supporting the dedicated women and men who provide anesthesia, surgery and critical care to their patients. At a personal level, we truly value our friendships in each country we serve.

Gradian is based in New York City. We live in a country rich in diversity, where waves of immigrants have written our national story, including those sent here in chains. Historically, this has allowed Americans to look outward and appreciate other cultures and nations, and to recognize the depth of our bonds with the global community.

This week, a shadow was cast on our country’s respect for the people we hold in such high regard. The staff of Gradian condemns these statements, which we believe are unrepresentative of the American people. We deeply respect and admire those who welcome us when we have the honor to visit their countries, and look forward to continuing to work together for years to come.

Steve Rudy
Chief Executive Officer
Gradian Health Systems

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