Gradian designs and manufactures quality medical equipment that is appropriate for its environment — whether it’s a low-resource district hospital in a rural setting or a high-end medical center in a major city.

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In low-income countries, hospitals often face infrastructure challenges that preclude conventional medical devices from functioning. When it comes to surgery, regular electrical outages — often many times a day for varying lengths of time — and ongoing oxygen shortages are two specific problems that prevent the hospital from delivering anesthesia for surgery.

Our flagship product, the Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM), was built to thrive in these settings. When an operating room has electricity and oxygen, the UAM functions like a traditional general anesthesia machine. But if the power goes out or the hospital lacks pipeline or cylinder oxygen, it will continue to operate seamlessly, with patient monitoring and automatic ventilation on battery backup.

Invented in Malawi, the UAM was designed to be rugged, versatile, and infrastructure-agnostic, making it an ideal component of low-resource operating rooms and a crucial tool for anesthesia providers everywhere.

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