In a world of drones and iPhones, most people think of “innovation” in terms of a new technology – and global health is no exception. But what about all the innovation that goes in to making a technology work? And sustaining it over time? And ensuring that it’s used effectively by trained health providers? As our Chief Operating Officer, Erica Frenkel, puts it, “If you can innovate behind the scenes, you can bridge that elusive gap between a good idea and a great solution.”

Check out Erica’s talk from this year’s Social Good Summit, where she elaborates on what “innovation” means to us at Gradian, and how we’re harnessing it to improve healthcare around the world:


Social Good Summit

Hosted by Mashable, the UN FoundationUNDP and the 92nd Street Y, the Social Good Summit is a dynamic gathering of global leaders committed to using technology for positive change around the world. The Summit is held annually during the United Nations General Assembly week, uniting a lively community of nascent and experienced change-makers around a common theme: #2030NOW.

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