Today, we’re excited to launch the Gradian C-AM—an advanced anesthesia workstation that is designed to serve the growing clinical needs of our customer base in the markets where we work. The C-AM is the first in our new line of medical equipment for settings with complex care needs.

Over the last several years, a growing number of customers have asked us to add devices to our portfolio that meet the needs of the more complex patient care being performed at their facilities. Most notably, we continue to see a demand from providers for robust technical and clinical training support—the cornerstone of the Gradian model—in all of our markets. We believe this same model should accompany a broader suite of medical devices needed to deliver safe and reliable anesthesia, oxygen, and critical care, anywhere and anytime.

This is a notable inflection point for Gradian; we’ve historically developed products to overcome resource constraints in anesthesia and critical care. While this remains core to our mission (don’t worry…there’s more exciting innovations on the way), a broader suite of medical devices is required, specifically those to meet the evolving needs of healthcare systems seeking to provide more advanced patient care. Regardless of their setting, whether access to compressed oxygen and uninterrupted power is a challenge or not, providers still demand high quality, reliable products and a guarantee of long-term technical support and opportunities for training.

Regardless of their setting … providers still demand high quality, reliable products and a guarantee of long-term technical support and opportunities for training.

With the launch of the C-AM, we are striving to grow with our customers and meet them where they need us. Listening to and learning from our customers is at the heart of how we work.

Learn more about the C-AM today and reach out to us at to provide us with your feedback and questions.


Lina Sayed

CEO, Gradian Health Systems


The Gradian C-AM

The Gradian C-AM is an advanced anesthesia workstation for the modern operating theater with low-flow open or closed circuit anesthesia. The Gradian C-AM can be used to provide safe and effective anesthesia for any surgery—simple or complex, minor or major. It offers a versatile set of features, combining the benefits of an integrated workstation with the flexibility and ease of use of a modular design, including:


  • Vaporizer Options: Includes two Selectatec-compatible vaporizers—Halothane, Isoflurane, or Sevoflurane—for maximum flexibility
  • Gas Monitoring Precision: Three backlit dual-tube flow meters and Electric Flow Monitor (EFM) enable provider control
  • Integrated Ventilator: Touch-screen ventilator with eight advanced modes for adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients
  • Patient Monitoring: Equipped with patient vital signs monitor (temperature, BP, ECG, SpO2, and EtCO2), all with rechargeable battery backup
  • Real-Time Agent Monitoring: Full gas analyzer provides identification and measurement of anesthetic agents, as well as N2O and O2


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