The CCV’s internal and external batteries must be maintained and status-checked regularly to ensure that maximum ventilation backup time is always available, and to achieve the longest possible battery service life.

Please follow the guidelines below for maintenance of the CCV’s batteries. For additional information about the CCV’s battery and power connections, please see the CCV User Guide section titled “CCV BATTERIES” and the CCV training video titled “Session 1: Part 5 – Power and Battery Connections.

User Maintenance Tips

  1. The CCV should be left on charge at all times
  2. The external battery should be left on charge at all times, via its own charging cable
  3. If the CCV or external battery are kept in store or not used frequently, they should be fully charged every 2 weeks
  4. Always fully charge the batteries before use
  5. Avoid connecting the external battery to the CCV unless needed
  6. Regularly check the status of the internal and external batteries using the Battery Level and Battery Status indicators










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