Biomedical technicians learning about the Universal Anaesthesia Machine’s oxygen concentrator at a training in Port au Prince, Haiti

Ismael Cordero, our biomedical services manager, just returned from a UAM installation and training at Hospital St. Luc in Port au Prince, Haiti.

In addition to the UAM installation, Ismael conducted a training session for 19 biomedical technicians from throughout the country. The session was coordinated by Vicki Brentin of the Houston Rotary, which funded a two-year training program for the technicians.



Learning how to attach and re-attach the vaporizer on the UAM


A special thanks to Vicki and the rest of the Houston Rotary for coordinating the training. We’re fortunate to be able to work with passionate development leaders like Vicki often, and always humbled by the dedication and hard work they bring to countries around the world.


The biomedical technicians during training



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