• Gradian Health Systems: An Explainer

    A 2-minute primer on Gradian's mission and model

  • Innovation in Global Health: Don't Just Make It. Make It Work.

    Gradian's COO Erica Frenkel redefines "innovation" in this talk at the Social Good Summit during the 2017 UN General Assembly Week.

  • TED Talk on the UAM

    Gradian's Chief Operating Officer Erica Frenkel delivers a TED talk on the Universal Anaesthesia Machine.

  • Tech Awards 2014

    This video highlights Gradian's work as a 2014 Tech Awards laureate.

  • Safe Anesthesia for Surgery: The Challenges and Solutions

    This three-part series captures the challenges of providing anesthesia in low-resource settings and how we at Gradian have built a model to make it safer and more economical.

Materials for Download

Here are some materials on Gradian and the challenge of global surgery.

Annual Report 2016 (Print)

January 24, 2017

Gradian Health Systems Brochure

January 26, 2018

Global Surgery Factsheet

Overview: Gradian Health Systems & the UAM

Gradian at Work

  • A Himalayan hospital hangs bedsheets out to dry (Nepal)
  • A Gradian clinical trainer presents the UAM to a new batch of UAM users (Haiti)
  • Our Biomedical Engineering Manager Ismael Cordero helps wheel the UAM into a remote hospital (Ethiopia)
  • Our CEO Stephen Rudy joins recently certified nurse-anesthetists (Sierra Leone)
  • Our Communications & Marketing Manager Adam Lewis video chats with our Biomedical Engineering Manager Ismael Cordero to remotely troubleshoot a UAM (Zambia)
  • The anesthesia staff at Edna Adan Maternity Hospital receives a new UAM ventilator (Somaliland)
  • Our Customer Experience Manager Sadie Healy visits a happy pair of users (Liberia)

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