• Transforming Anesthesia Care in Tanzania: A Public-Private Partnership

    A short film on our work with the Tanzanian Government to enhance anesthesia capacity throughout the country

  • Gradian CCV Launch Video

    Unveiling our second product: the Gradian Comprehensive Care Ventilator (CCV)

  • Gradian Health Systems: An Explainer

    2-minute primer on Gradian's mission and model

  • Innovation in Global Health: Don't Just Make It. Make It Work.

    Redefining "innovation" at the Social Good Summit during the 2017 UN General Assembly Week

  • TED Talk on the UAM

    TEDx talk on the Universal Anaesthesia Machine

  • Tech Awards 2014

    A video showcase on Gradian at the 2014 Tech Awards

  • Safe Anesthesia for Surgery: The Challenges and Solutions

    Three-part series on the challenges of providing anesthesia in low-resource settings

  • Supporting Anesthesia Providers on the Frontlines of Obstetric Emergencies

    In “UAM: Supporting Nurse Anesthetists on the Frontlines of Obstetric Emergencies—A Perspective from Tanzania,” two nurse anesthetists working at health care centers in southeast Tanzania, share their perspectives on how the Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) and Gradian’s simulation-based training supported them better care for women giving birth at their facilities. At Gradian way is designed to support the healthcare provider in three ways: developing high-quality medical equipment that can adjust and compensate for infrastructure limitations, providing reliable technical support to ensure machine use, and delivering high-quality product and clinical refresher training. The trainings Peter Sylvester Mayyo and Miriam Milanzi speak of occurred at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre where anesthesia providers learned to operate the UAM with confidence while strengthening their existing anesthesia skills. Note: A version of this film—Heroes Unmasked—was selected as a finalist in the nurses and midwives category for the World Health Organization’s 2020 Health for All Film Festival.

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