Universal Anaesthesia Machine

The Universal Anaesthesia Machine (UAM) delivers safe anaesthesia in any hospital, including those where unreliable electricity and shortages of compressed medical gases preclude the use of conventional machines. Its unique combination of continuous flow and draw-over anaesthesia qualifies it for use in facilities from world-renown hospitals to resource-constrained district hospitals in low-income countries. The optional ventilator provides electrically-driven automatic ventilation in volume and pressure control modes, and will operate without mains power for up to 6 hours on rechargeable battery power.

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The Ventilator

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Learn the story behind the UAM and its founder, Paul Fenton

The UAM Components

Universal Anaesthesia Machine


Fully automatic electrically-driven ventilator with 6 hour rechargeable battery backup. No oxygen needed.  See ventilator here.

Patient Vital Signs Monitor

Real-time monitoring of pulse oximetry, ECG, non-invasive blood pressure and temperature, with up to 6 hours of operation on battery back-up.

Oxygen Monitor

The touch screen oxygen monitor displays the inspired oxygen content. This monitor will last up to ten-hours on battery backup.

Low-Resistance Vaporizer

The low-resistance vaporizer accurately delivers a calibrated flow of halothane or isoflurane with or without compressed gas.


The manual bellows ensures safe assisted respiration for adults and children without requiring a high-pressure gas source. It provides a backup means of IPPV to the ventilator.

Balloon Valve

The silicone inflating balloon valve at the expiratory port opens and closes with the bellows and ensures that the patient breathes safely.

Integrated Oxygen Concentrator

The built-in oxygen concentrator produces up to 10 liters per minute of up to 95% oxygen. Room air is cleaned with a dual filtration system.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

Reliable in Any Setting

The UAM operates with or without electricity and compressed gas. The integrated oxygen concentrator produces up to 10 liters per minute of 95% oxygen. If power is lost and no other source of oxygen is available the UAM converts automatically to draw-over mode using room air. The bellows allows assisted breathing in all situations. The electric ventilator works without compressed gas and up to six hours on battery backup during mains failures.

Integrated Safety

The oxygen monitor continuously displays inspired oxygen content. If using nitrous oxide, the system automatically disables N2O gas flow if a hypoxic mixture is detected. The oxygen monitor lasts up to ten hours on battery backup during power outages. The ventilator offers alarms for disconnect, high pressure, apnoea and other conditions.

Suitable for Adults and Pediatric Patients

The UAM is compatible with all standard adult and pediatric breathing systems, including the Ayre's T-piece for babies and neonates, to provide anaesthesia for both simple and long or complex procedures. The unique bellows design provides different volumes to facilitate assisted breathing for children and adults. The ventilator delivers tidal volumes from 50 to 1000 ml.

Support at Every Level

Gradian Health Systems trains local biomedical technicians to perform first line service. We also offer Internet and phone support, spare parts by courier shipment and regional service providers.

Proven Quality and Durability

The UAM is CE-certified and is manufactured in an ISO-qualified factory. The compact, rugged design is well suited for any environment. The unique Fenton inflating valve eliminates problems associated with mechanical valves, providing an easily maintained device that functions smoothly in a wide range of environments.